Almost nothing is impossible. But as a data scientist, I trust logic and careful observation. The fact that many highly conservative judges have ruled that Trump's claims are wholly baseless is one pretty convincing (logical) piece of the story. The fact that Trump has lied about many other things is another logical piece of the puzzle.

I have worked for a news agency whose owner and CEO was pretty strongly right leaning. But this was a real news agency, and so they did not publish any stories for which there was no supporting evidence. I can't say that about any of the sources that routinley support Trump's lies. If there were hard evidence that anyone had stolen the election, there would be a long line of reporters at ABC, CNN, and the NYT who were dying to run with the story. I don't trust the NYT because they are the NYT. I trust them because they hold themsleves to a high standard of proof before they publish something. But in my view, even the NYT is mildly biased, and the nature of that bias, as far as I can tell, is to support the conservative status quo a little too often.

Brett is a social psychologist at Montgomery College, MD. Brett studies health, gender, culture, religion, identity, and stereotypes.

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