Donald Trump, You’re Fired!

Now that it looks like Trump has lost the 2020 election, expect Trump’s behavior to get worse before it gets better.

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Photo by Dave Lowe, courtesy of Unsplash

At a little after 2 a.m. on November 4, just a couple of hours after election night, Donald Trump did one of the most surprising and distressing things he has done in the past four years. He openly stated that he was the winner of an election in which millions of valid ballots had yet to be counted. This included about 1.4 million uncounted ballots in Pennsylvania alone. Trump added that we should stop counting votes — and that he planned to take the election to the Supreme Court (should he lose). Even staunch Republicans like Chris Christie and Rick Santorum called Trump out on this, referring to Trump’s claims of fraudulent voting as a “mistake.” In the light of the day on Wednesday November 4, Trump had already begun filing lawsuits to disrupt legitimate ballot counting.

We have long known that the in-person votes would look good for Trump the day of the election. After all, he convinced his supporters that they shouldn’t vote by mail. As I write this blog on the evening of Wednesday November 5, Trump has all but lost the electoral college. Biden merely needs to hold onto his leads in Arizona and Nevada — where the remaining uncounted ballots seem to be coming from traditionally blue districts. I have to admit that I have been surprised to see how close the election has proven to be. But in the end, it is now pretty clear that Trump will lose. The chances that he wins Nevada and Pennsylvania and Georgia, for example, are rapidly approaching zero.

In the face of this reality, expect Trump to continue to complain about the “fake news” and falsely accuse others of fraud. He’ll sue and hope that the Supreme Court that he stacked with conservative judges will hand him an election he lost — even in a biased electoral college system that strongly favors Republican candidates that lose the popular vote. I don’t see the Supreme Court, however conservative, going along with this.

Let’s hope the Americans who are suffering in the wake of COVID-19 can hold on until Trump is out of office. Of course, Biden will have his work cut out for him working with a U.S. Senate that is very likely to stay in the hands of Republicans. This will be true, in large part, because the typical Senate race is even more strongly skewed toward red states than is the U.S. Presidential election. Senators from Wyoming, for example, represent some 60 times fewer voters than Senators from California.

I don’t think Biden has the answers to all the difficult questions Americans face, but I believe he is a man of character who has good intentions. And I know he will try to do what is best for America. That will include paying more taxes in the United States than in China, not making any hush money payoffs to adult film stars, and reaching across the political aisle to try to do what medical experts and public health officials know is best to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh yeah, and he knows that both racism and climate change are real. God speed, Joe.

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