Excellent coverage of the Black Wall Street and redlining.

But I didnt like the dice metaphor. The dice keep hitting bad numbers because the dice are loaded.

This story also promotes a myth that can harm people of color. In my view, Black Americans today are just as interested in social justice as were Black Americans 50 years ago. It is just that today's racism is more often hidden -- which makes it harder to fight. Yeterday's racism was proudly written "Whites Only." Today's racism has been rebranded as "the war on drugs" and "honoring our founding fathers." To cite just one example, the same leaders who are against mail-in ballots because of the "sacredness of the vote" strongly support gerrymandering, which is the antithesis of one person one vote. Add to all this the echo chambers of social media, and we face a big challenge if we are to reduce racism. So it will not come easy, but I believe a better, less racist world is in our future. And BLM is working toward that future.

Brett is a social psychologist at Montgomery College, MD. Brett studies health, gender, culture, religion, identity, and stereotypes.

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