I hate to be a naysayer because I know this article is well-intended. But we already knew that there is a big difference between choosing to go backpacking for a year and being forced to live under an underpass because you have no job and no social resources. I lived my entire childhood on a few dollars a day -- often on the brink of homelesssness. I think the old word is just fine. When we spend so much time making sure we use exactly the right word for everything, all we do is virtue signal and avoid the real problem. The real problem is that capitalism and conservatism as we practice them in American guarantee major social problems such as homelessness, racism, and gender discrimination. We need more analysis of how to solve these major social problems and less concern about whether the root word for a distressing social problem that disproprtionately kills people of color should be "house" or "home." I don't care if we call it "homelessness" or "housepaucity" but continuing to change the word is mostly a way to make the politically correct feel good when doing nothing that gets at the core of the social problem.

Brett is a social psychologist at Montgomery College, MD. Brett studies health, gender, culture, religion, identity, and stereotypes.